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How Business Call Center in Manila is shifting to Guyana?

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is one of the main center of Call center services. In many big companies, people are not always available to pick up the customers' calls or attend to them carefully. However, not attending the customer's call can affect the company's business harshly. In such cases, a BPO or call center comes to the rescue. BPO is the process where an outside party handles the standard business functions of a business firm or company. OnCalla is such a business call center which is very successful and gaining popularity worldwide.

In the past few years, many investments and skill development have been enforced to expand these businesses. Manila was the main centre of such type of BPO services. However, in recent years the centre has been shifting more towards Guyana.
Guyana is present on the northern coast of the South American continent. Guyana is now becoming the major call centre business centre and generates about $25 billion. Guyana was not very much developed in the past. However, in recent years its technological advancement is at its peak. Thus, outsourcing centers are shifting to Guyana instead of the Philippines. Another advantage is the proficient English-speaking population present in the mainland. Therefore, hiring them for call centers is very beneficial. 
The major pillar of a call center is hardworking and dedicated agents. With more college graduates and an educated youth population, more people will be hired in a call center. Also, the industries are developing at a good rate in this place. All the big companies, business firms, or corporations require a BPO service, or else their business may clash due to unresponsiveness to the customers. OnCalla is such a call center service and has its branches at many places in Guyana. Equipped with dedicated agents and proficient English speakers, it is gaining popularity as a successful call centre.
Guyana, due to its low-cost investments, offers an educated mass for work in an affordable range. It has a literacy rate of about 90%. It has a well-developed reach to newer call center technologies. Therefore, many major call center businesses are focused on shifting their call centers to Guyana instead of Manila. In the near future, it may even observe a potential economic revolution boosting the mainland's GDP. In such a view, even the government is willing to invest more in the call center agencies.