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Why Bangalore Call Center System is moving to Guyana?

Bangalore is the IT city of India and has a good literacy rate. It is one of the well-developed metropolitan cities. It has a good scope of making call center business a successful and economical choice in future. But it cannot beat Guyana in this race. Guyana has several years of experience in this aspect as it has been providing call center service for years. Such a great experience and good outlook have made Guyana's BPO more preferable than Indian BPOs for outsourcing. The dedicated agents take the problems of the customers as their own and solve them very well.

Less Overhead costs: 
Bangalore, one of India's most developed cities, has become a very expensive city. Therefore, the overhead charges for outsourcing are significantly higher in Bangalore than in Guyana. The companies always look for cost-effective options and choose the cheaper option with higher profits. Outsourcing by a Guyanese BPO will give more satisfaction to the customers as they have more dedicated agents.
More educated people: 
Bangalore has a good literacy rate. However, it can't beat the number of skilled college graduates available in Guyana. Also, the people are more proficient in English speaking and can handle international users more efficiently. There will be no communication gap between the agents and the customers. All the above factors are the reasons why a business chooses a Guyanese BPO.
Time zone: 
Guyana has the same Eastern Time Zone as the global countries, thus gives a 24X7 service. Therefore, business firms or companies prefer better customer satisfaction and give an all-time service to the customers.
People in Guyana are more aware of the call centers, but call centers’ service or BPO service is not that famous in Bangalore. It has a vaster market for outsourcing due to its long history and experience in outsourcing. As there are many BPO or outsourcing services available in Guyana, but OnCalla provides its services at a lower rate than the call centre’s in Bangalore.
Government initiatives: 
In Guyana, the government has realized the importance and scope of the call centers. Guyana's government is willing to invest in the required infrastructure and skill development. However, due to a lack of awareness in Bangalore, the government is not willing to invest in call centers.