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Why Call Center set up in Guyana will be better than Gurgaon?

 The most important factor in developing a business is its market demand or need in a particular area. Gurgaon is a developing area with a good number of industries. But the people are not very aware of a BPO service here. Most people ignore the calls from a call center and do not see it as a better method of reaching out to the company. On the other hand, in Guyana, bigger industries are developing at an exponential rate. With so many big industries, call centers have become a necessity for them. Call centers like OnCalla not only provide services for business firms but work for many healthcare facilities also.

In Gurgaon, the literacy rate is lower than in Guyana. Therefore, getting proficient- English-speaking and well-educated workers for the call centers is a tough job. The agents in Guyana are well-skilled and dedicated to their work. Moreover, due to low investment prices, Guyana is a preferable place. Gurgaon is a center of many influential economic activities. Thus, making the place more expensive. These expenses surpass Guyana’s costs of investment with a higher margin. Another factor for choosing Guyana is that the International Businesses choose Guyana for outsourcing rather than India’s outsourcing facilities. Therefore, to get better exposure to international companies, Guyana is chosen for relocating many major call center, including OnCalla.
The call centers’ in Guyana provide exceptionally good services within a good budget. Also, the profits gained by the outsourcing agencies will be more in Guyana than in Gurgaon. As Gurgaon has a higher cost of investment for a call centre, the profits earned are less. Whereas, Gurgaon with its low costs, provides higher profits. Higher profits further help improve their work and give better satisfaction to the people, and this cycle goes on. 
At last, the most important factor is customer satisfaction. As said earlier, the call centers in Guyana have well-skilled and efficient workers. They are very dedicated to hear out the problems of the individuals and solve them accordingly. All the credit goes to its long-time experience in call centers.
Another major factor – Time Zone. Guyana has the same eastern time zone as other global countries. Therefore, provides a 24X7 service. In India, such facilities are not available.
The government also plays a significant role. In Guyana, the government has understood the importance and scope of outsourcing and is willing to invest in these platforms to develop such services. However, the government in India does not take outsourcing very seriously as it has not gained popularity or generated a need among individuals.